Yusupov gardens

Yusupov gardens The space between the Fontanka and Sadovaya Street was brought as a gift to Prince Peter I Grigory Yusupov at the beginning of the XVIII century.
Prince built a house from a tree and broke a picturesque garden with two ponds and flower garden. Then, in the 1790s, the architect Giacomo Quarenghi changed and reschedule part of the palace garden. In 1810 the estate was purchased by the state and the park opened greenhouses and fountains built along Sadovaya Street established an array of cast iron.
The spring of 1863, Emperor Alexander II issued a decree to open Yusupovskoy garden for free visits. And in 1865, a public skating rink was organized here, which immediately became a training center for Russian skaters. Its creation has helped to establish the first organization in the Russian skaters – walkers “Society rusty horse” immediately carried out, and the first in the Russian skating competitions
In 2013, the big race was again held at its historic location.. In February, there were mass skating competition on the run for long distances among fans as “Peter Frost.”