Hotel rules

Welcome to our network. We are glad to greet you. We will do our best to make accommodation cheap and comfortable.

Please take the note that by the booking and accommodating you agree with our public contract offer.
  1. Check-in/check-out time is 12:00 a.m (check in – any time after 12:00 a.m; check-out – any time before 12:00 a.m) – please, treat with understanding if your room isn’t ready at 12 a.m. (guaranteed check-in 15-00).
  2. If the guests check out late, they have to pay for one more day. Earlier check-in is provided in case of the rooms’ availability.
  3. For accommodation of less than 24 hours the full daily rate is charged.
  4. The accommodation will be made upon presenting passport.
  5. The receptionist may refuse to accommodate guests in case if they are in state of intoxication or disturb public peace even if they have a prepaid reservation.
  6. Visitors are not allowed in rooms (only in special time allotted for it, from 12:00 to 23:00, the visitors should present their passport).
  7. In our hotel you shouldn’t:
    1. Smoke in the hotel (the fine of 5000 rubles and the eviction).
    2. Drink alcohol (the fine of 5000 rubles and the eviction).
    3. Make noise after 23:00 (The eviction immediately).
    4. Walk in street shoes (the fine of 1000 rubles).
    5. Keep bulky things in the room, inflammable material.
    6. Use electric heaters in the room, attach telephone devices, faxes, and other devices (the fine of 5000 rubles and the eviction).
    7. Keep animals and birds in the rooms.
  8. The guests are responsible for any damage or loss caused to the property of the hotel, according to the price-list and for any other kind of damage.
  9. The guests consider the use of the surveillance in the public areas/ stairwells and raise no objection to it. There’re no surveillance in the rooms and bathrooms.

Please be respectful to other guests! Maintain cleanliness in the rooms and other premises of the hotel!

Dear guests, in order to make your stay in our hotels “SuperHostel” a pleasant experience, please follow the Hotel Rules.

Our hotel is secured by private security company Golfstrim 24 hours a day. In order to call security please contact the receptionist (time of arrival 3-7 minutes).