Accommodation rules

  1. Welcome! We will do our best to make your stay comfortable.
  1. Check-in / check-out time is 12:00 (check in – any time after 12 AM; check-out – any time before 12 AM) – Please be understanding about the room possibly not being ready at 12 AM sharp (check-in guaranteed by 3 PM).
  1. If the guests check out late, they will need to pay for one more night. Early check-in is provided subject to room availability only.
  1. Minumum stay is 24 hours.
  2. Hourly rate is not applicable, which means the guests will be charged for at least one night.
  1. Check-in is authorized upon showing passport (photo ID).
  1. Our representative may refuse to accommodate the guests in state of intoxication and disturbing the peace in spite of a prepaid reservation.
  1. Visitors are only to be allowed in rooms from 12:00 to 23:00 upon showing passport (photo ID)
  1. The guests are prohibited from:
    • Smoking in the room (or else, a fine of RUR 5000 will be imposed and immediate eviction implemented)
    • Drinking alcohol (or else, a fine of RUR 5000 will be imposed and immediate eviction implemented)
    • Making noise after 23:00 (eviction)
    • Walking around our premises in street shoes (subject to a fine of RUR 1000).
    • Keeping inflammable stuff in the room
    • Using one’s own electric appliances in the room, (heaters, hairdryers, faxes and other devices). (Subject to a fine of RUR 5000 followed by eviction)
    • Having pets or birds in the room
  1. The guests are liable for any kind of damage or loss caused to hotel property, in accordance with the price list.
  2. The guests are duly informed and deemed to have no objection to surveillance in stairwells and hallways so long as there are no cameras in either rooms or bathrooms
Please be respectful of the other guests by maintaining cleanliness at the hotel premises!   Dear guests, In order to make your stay in The Democrat hotel a pleasant experience, please follow the Hotel Rules.     Security is provided 24/7 by “Massive” Security Company. To call security, please contact the representative (time of the guard unit arrival is 3 to 7 minutes).   ENJOY YOUR STAY WITH US! WE ARE ALWAYS GLAD TO SEE YOU! ANYTIME!