Fairgrounds Planning for the development of the Vasilevsky Island, which now houses the exhibition center, began in 1910.
Before the 1917 revolution, there were going to build a building for the Academy of Sciences. In the future, the construction is scheduled grand exposition of the International Exhibition of Inventions and improvements. However, these projects have not been implemented because of the difficult political and economic situation in the country.
Again about the idea of ​​the creation of the exhibition center on Vasilevsky Island recalled in the middle of the XX century. It was decided to hold an international exhibition “Inrybprom-68.” In 1963, the island extra deposit a territory where in 1968 started working the fairgrounds.
Pavilions Fairgrounds in later years became a permanent venue for all sorts of events and exhibitions.
In the 1980s the exhibition “Inrybprom-90 “erected a new three-level exhibition hall with a conference hall and a restaurant.