Exhibition of Painting glass

Exhibition of Painting glass For a few days in May, the space will be transformed Smalta Italian Design. It would be like a kingdom, composed of thousands of thousands of multi-colored glass fragments. It is home to strange mosaic animals, circling in the dance of a ballerina and the moon rises over the glass scenery like the painting of Van Gogh.
22 May to 28 May
from 10:30 to 20:00
From 22 to 28 may art lovers can visit the personal exhibition of Anna Andersen “glass painting”, where on display expose imaginary worlds of glass, executed in mosaic technique. Multi-colored pieces of glass, arranged in a precise manner and without the slightest hint of the chaos is an impressive picture, shocking his detailed and picturesque.
Pictures of smalt, stones and Murano glass created by Anna for months. Her works have decorated the space of many cities in Russia and the Middle East, and in 2014 attention to the wonderful mosaics drew Esquire magazine, first published works Andersen on their pages.
The exhibition features more than 15 works of filigree, folded by hand from the tens of thousands of fragments. Additional exhibition “Art Glass” presentation of the most ambitious works of the artist – the mosaic mural “Two”.