Romero Britto exhibition: Formula for success

Romero Britto exhibition: Formula for success The exhibition “Romero Britto: Success Formula»
look the radiant warmth and optimism of the work of this icon of contemporary pop art that adorn the main square in London, Miami, Stockholm, Washington and Hollywood, will be in the fall, and in St. Petersburg – at the personal Romero Britto exhibition
September 5 -. 13 dekarbya
in September, “Erarta” for the first time will open an exhibition of iconic representative of pop art Romero Britto – Brazilian artist, first conquered States, and then half of the world. According to the famous publication The New York Times, the creator of the style – “radiating warmth, optimism and love.” And indeed, the bright colors in combination with a part of good humor works wonders: Britto creates a giant Egyptian pyramid with a happy cat-Pharaoh sends colored cabs on a journey through the streets of London and turns of Disney Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in a real masterpiece of contemporary pop art. < br> Exhibition “Romero Britto: Formula for success” will introduce St. Petersburg with the work of the icons of pop art and dispel even the slightest doubt about the fact that his work in the spirit of osovremennenyh Picasso and Matisse unjustly occupy the space of the central area of ​​London, Miami, Stockholm, Washington, Hollywood and other cities in the world.
Millions of fans around the world love to each new art object or a drawing Britto. Indifferent to his work herself Queen of Great Britain. . In the ranks of his fans, by the way, even the writer Paulo Coelho
It is worth mentioning that the exhibition will open in St. Petersburg artist personally and even hold an art workshop for children
September 5 -. 13 December
daily, 10:00 to 22: 00Muzey contemporary art “Erarta” Vasilevsky island, 29-line, 2
cost 450 rubles.