The exhibition of mobile technologies 100telefonov #

The exhibition of mobile technologies 100telefonov # Bulky five-kilo “of Nokia”, “phone-bricks” aesthetic clamshell “Motorola” gaming mobile phones, smartphones, unusual shapes, and even the first mobile phone with an integrated camera – all this you will see, test and touch at the largest exhibition of mobile technologies “# 100telefonov” that will take place in the courtyard of the Museum of Soviet slot machines from 20 to 23 August
20 of August -. 23 August
«Mobile phone … He is at everyone – men and women, old people and children,” – wrote the king horror Stephen King in his novel “cell” and talked about the misadventures that could bring a cell phone. However, since the writing of the book took almost ten years, and mobile phones and could not cause a new plague mankind. On the contrary, they develop almost replaced the computer, and at the same time become almost indispensable. Get acquainted with the diversity of mobile technology and by the metamorphosis of the cell phone will be on a three-day exhibition “# 100telefonov”, which will open tomorrow for the visitors.
You tell and show the history of mobile gadgets from the first steps to the present day. Among the exhibits – a five-kilogram Mobira Talkman and “bricks-phones” smartphones unusual shapes and gaming phones, and the first mobile phone with an integrated camera, the first slider phone, the first phone with 3G and other interesting models
remarkable that they can. will not only see, but also how to study them, to understand the management, to play in the ubiquitous and the legendary “snake».
mobiles exhibition will be held in St. Petersburg, just a few days, and then will go to conquer other cities of our country.
Konyushennaya Sq., 2 litas. B (in the yard)
August 20 – August 23
August 20 – from 16:00 to 20:00, August 21-23 – from 12:00 to 20:00
from 100 to 200 rubles