The exhibition of carnivorous plants

The exhibition of carnivorous plants Carnivorous plants exhibition
In “Forest embassy” can become a hero fitouzhasa, tracked how carnivorous plants eat insects. After all, plants can be ruthless and get food, not only because of Mother Earth – some of them cleverly disguised, and then eat the bloodthirsty insects
The guests will present many kinds of prey (or, as they are called, carnivorous) plants: Venus flytrap,. sundew, Nepenthes, Sarracenia and others. These inhabitants of tropical forests and swamps are not averse to show off their cunning disguise and attack discouraged the victim. Undoubtedly, the show and quite rare green predators
noteworthy that the exhibition will not only follow the life of dangerous green monsters, but also to feed their heroes fitouzhastika favorite treat -. “Juicy” insects. Rest assured: carnivorous plants will come to a complete delight, enjoying the “deli” flies
By the way, if desired, guests can buy carnivorous plants, making their new pets
Well, as the exhibition will be held in the contact zoo,.. addition to the exotic spectacle you can meet interesting animals, birds and reptiles
should be noted that the feeding of carnivorous plants will be held 9, 10, 16, at 13:00 and at 18:00 on May 17
time..: 10: 00-21: 00
Location:. “Forest embassy”, Glider str, 59, lit. A (TC “Montpensier” on the 3rd floor)