Vitebsk Station

Vitebsk Station Vitebsk (former Tsarskoye Selo) station is interesting for its architectural design, the train is sent from the second floor.
First railway in Russia was built in 1837 between Peteburgom and Tsarskoye Selo. The building itself was a wooden train station and was located on the parade ground Semenovski polka.Spustya 20 years, he became the stone got its current name due to the fact that the paths were laid to Vitebsk. With increasing passenger traffic for all sites is not enough to take down the old railway station and it was decided in 1902 and build a new one. Like a locomotive, he became one of the first buildings in the city of Art Nouveau, with lifts for passengers and trasporterami. The outer walls were decorated by various panels of the history of the life of the station, as well as the coats of arms of St. Petersburg and Vitebsk. Since isolation of the railway and naberzhnoy not coincide in height, it was razed by creating a five-meter embankment. In addition, a separate entrance and a way for members of the royal family has been provided, which often went to Tsarskoye Selo. The 300th anniversary of the city train station was renovated, it has been restored windows and decorative paving and re-opened Café Imperial.