Sport-Concert Complex Petersburg

Sport-Concert Complex Petersburg Sport-Concert Complex “Petersburg.” – The largest indoor arena in St. Petersburg, dignified-looking in comparison with lushimi of the sites in Europe
structure stands out not only in size but also the versatility of operation. Total Petersburgers has become a favorite during the major events this place for several years -. On superiority of the country and the world championships in various sports to world-class grand concerts and prestigious exhibitions and fashion shows
potential of the complex allows for large-scale events in almost all kinds of sports. There are organized thousands of concerts with the participation of Russian and foreign stars, entertainment and dance shows, major exhibitions and a variety of business activities.
Lobby area comparable to the area of ​​the arena, makes it possible to build commercial pavilions, restaurants, exhibitions and entertainment campuses. Free area around CCM is 380 000 square meters and allows to organize the event, with the number of spectators and participants in the hundreds of thousands of people.