Tordre performance staged by Rachida Uramdana

Tordre performance staged by Rachida Uramdana Famous French dancer and choreographer Rachid Uramdan (Rachid Ouramdane) will bring new production Petersburg – the play “Tordre” (French “braid».)
Rashid Uramdan in 2016 with John Bourgeois -. Heads the Choreographic Center of Grenoble. He graduated from the Angers National Center for Dance in 1992. As a dancer he worked with many of the masters of modern choreography, to develop the direction of the documentary dance-theater performance
“Tordre” -. Diptych of two portraits of the characters and their irresistible foreignness and intimacy. In the eyes of the audience, first choreographed displays recognizable images of bourgeois chic, and then deconstructs them, “twists”, trying to gain insight into how the force goes into the vulnerability, and overcoming a drop forming force …
As a choreographer – presented his history of colonization ( “Away» / Loin, 2008), wars, torture ( “Ordinary witnesses» / Des temoins ordinaires, 2009), natural disasters ( “Sfumato» / Sfumato, 2012), conceding eyewitness accounts both through his own body, and through implementing body, often are not professional dancers (gymnasts, circus).
in its own words, seeks “an echo of events in motion».
widely used in video productions and new technologies.
center Today his interests shifted to abstract dance and work with numerous ensembles. In 2014 he created at the invitation of the Lyon Opera performance of “Around» (Tout autour) for 24 dancers. The following year, at a dance festival in Montpellier, the premiere production of “Hold time» ( «Tenir le temps»), in which 16 people are involved.
“Although all the work Uramdana conceptual, his style bears contradictions. He is harsh, but it cruel and gloomy worlds paradoxically greater humanity than horror. His performances attracted, they look like a hallucination. Uramdan – essayist extraordinaire, who can describe the body, driven by survival instinct »(The New York Times, 2011)
Museum and Gallery” Erarta “
September 15 20:00
29th line VO , D 2