Slava’s Snowshow

Slava Numerous prestigious theater awards won the show is recommended for children both older and older.
About it in newspapers and magazines, paper and electronic, from Broadway to New Zealand, critics called it “theater classics».
Clowns Polunin – magicians, they are poetic, dreamy, gentle and refined. They make the curtains in the sail, and a cot – in the beautiful big ship to sail the dream
«Snow Show” celebrates 18 years and each time again visiting this amazing spectacle, the viewer opens up new details and trifles.. Clowns get older, you change, but happiness remains constant, and “it can be found only in itself, outside it is not.” Clowns build relationships between the viewer and the events on the stage. And every joke sounds like new. And forgotten, children, serene happiness obvalakivayut you
Impermanence composition actors -. The two clowns, and even twenty, sometimes completely random, who have come to interview journalists, which also produces Polunin at the scene. But usually – five to ten clowns, including leading, who pulled the rope, and the other clutching at her. And do not be confused by children’s laughter in the tragic moment. Polunin embroidered it so special paints. The Snow Show to expand the boundaries of clowning
excellent and wide variety of music in the snow show:.. From the famous Blue Canary before Carmina Burana by Carl Orff in the final
When:. February 23
What time: 18.00 Where
Mikhailovsky Theatre