Monument to Nicholas I

Monument to Nicholas I This 16-meter-high monument was erected after the death of the emperor.
Emperor clothed in the dress uniform of the Life Guards regiment, as it was he who was their chief a few years. Four bas-relief on the pedestal are, tell us about the key moments of the reign of Nicholas I: the revolt of the Decembrists in 1825; cholera riots in 1831 in the Haymarket Square; awarding MMSperanskii, collected and vypustevshego in 1832 “Code of Laws of the Russian Empire”; the opening of the bridge Emperor Verebinskogo Petersburg-Moscow railway in 1851. Even through the metal you can see all the features of a vain and self-righteous ruler who around trying to be like his famous grandfather, Peter I, monuments, even the royal ladies are on the same parallel, and turned into one storonu.Pedestal monument is decorated with four allegorical female figures symbolizing ” Force “,” Wisdom “,” Justice “and” Faith “and the face similar to his wife and daughters. For its time, the statue was a technical miracle: she was the first in Europe, equestrian statue, installed on two points of support – hind legs of the horse. Only this fact prevented carry it during the Soviet era, but the fence has not escaped this fate and was rebuilt 60 years later.