Kronstadt Naval Cathedral

Kronstadt Naval Cathedral Marine Nicholas Cathedral was conceived as a monument to all Temple-ever dead sailors.
Plans for the construction of the Cathedral in Kronstadt arose as early as 1830, but permission to collect donations for the construction of the temple was received only in 1897. It was decided to build a temple in Anchor Square, formerly occupied the old anchors and let your space and organize around the cathedral and the park area for processions. One of the conditions was the construction of the dome height of the SWAT, which should be sufficient to guide the ships at sea, and the cross had to rush to galza sailors.
Itself only construction began September 1, 1902 and it was attended by Emperor Nicholas II, planted around the cathedral 32 year-old oak. Was made public prayer, at the end of which the fortress and the ships were given a shot at 31 as a salute.
In 1907 the church was ready to rough, work began on the interior decoration. Construction works were performed in the amount of 1.876 million rubles.
Consecration of the Cathedral took place on June 10, 1913, also at the imperial family. Services were held in the cathedral until 1927. October 14, 1929 the church was finally closed, and later under the Soviet regime there was equipped with a cinema.
In the early 2000s, began to restore the temples, and in 2010 there were again hold services.