Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

In 1727, King Peter II brought a gift of the German Lutheran community wasteland close to Nevsky Prospect, is located between the Big and Small Konyushennaya Street.
Construction of the church on the site was launched June 29, 1728, the day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. In 1730 the church was solemnly consecrated. The building was made of brick, included wooden cupola and can accommodate 1,500 people. In 1737, near the church built the two houses, which served as apartments for church workers and school.
In 1833 architect Alexander Bryullov erected started building the restructuring, and after 5 years, a new church was consecrated. Now the temple has been completely renovated inside, as in Soviet times, a warehouse and a swimming pool located there, but the appearance has not got used changes. Under construction Brullov moved away from the classical architectural forms. The building is crowned with a rectangular bas-relief images of angels and Evangelists, and on pedestals in front of the standing figures of the Apostles Peter and Paul. The church is active, it can freely visit the faithful and tourists.