Foundry bridge

Foundry bridge Foundry Bridge was named thanks to the cast house, located in one of the banks of the Neva.
First crossing there appeared before the founding of St. Petersburg, when the area owned by the Swedes. Therefore, the permanent bridge thinking only when it blew one of ledohodov.V 1875 started construction, and immediately faced with difficulties, river depth reaches 22 meters, and the soil was loose and not hold support. To solve this problem, special props height of more than 30 meters wide and were made more than 15, but it did not alleviate the situation, they are constantly sinking, exploded and ran into the rocks, it was associated with fatalities. Four years later, almost semitysyachnotonny bridge was completed, railings were decorated with the emblem of the city and morskimim animals. He was tried out all of the latest technological developments of the invention, installed a water turbine, improved design of the rotary mechanism, permanent lighting electricity. Last renovation was in 1967, increased the width of the bridge, paved walkways underneath and made of granite hills to the river.