Irish dance show Rhythm of the Dance 2015

Irish dance show Rhythm of the Dance 2015 To live, to move, to dance! If you are looking for inspiration – this is what you need
The strong ethnic motives, be it clothes, music or dancing? They laid something primordial, something universal, contact us on a deep, subconscious level … That’s why generation after generation of musicians, designers, artists, dancers are turning to traditional art. It is timeless as timeless and bestowed them lift the feeling of joy, lust for life and dream
So – take a wee / friends / wife / husband / the girl with a parallel flow in the arms and in the Concert Hall “October” December 8 to 19, : 00. Because there – Irish dance show “Rhythm of the Dance 2015”
Show -. Winner of many awards, is one of the best and most popular, stunningly successful tour which covered and our New Year’s Eve, sunken in cloudy offseason
Peter Shaw! takes you on an exciting journey through the diverse styles of Irish dance, starting with a traditional tap dance SEANOS and ending with its modern variants. The program is accompanied by live music played on traditional instruments.
Addition faery dance under the unique music, audiences expect bright décor, the latest sound and lighting equipment. The show involved the world champions in Irish step, not to mention the country’s champions. During the concert the audience feel the essence of Irish dance, his fiery energy, indescribable excitement and passion.
December 8 19:00
BKZ “Oktyabrsky»
Ligovsky pr., 6