Science Festival Wow How?

Science Festival Wow How? Science Festival «Wow! How »
Artificial lightning Tesla, control objects with his mind, the world through nanomikroskopa screen wonders of chemistry, turboplameni show, master classes in intensive care and surgery, living biology, flights kvadro- and geksakopterov – all this and more awaits residents . city festival interactive science
The festival will be the most vivid, unusual and amazing exhibits that do not just stand and are an integral part of the show, for example, guests can enjoy a real Tesla shows, collect your own robot from kiberniticheskogo designer Arduino Uno and LEGO Mindstorms or play mindball – soccer power of thought. It should immediately be noted that every guest of the festival is not just a spectator, but directly taking part in spectacular scientific
performances of the festival will be divided into different interactive areas, among which everyone can find something interesting for yourself. This and chemical show and mysteries of the cosmos and the universe, and robotics, and stories about the secrets of the brain and memory. So that guests can make a trip to the Moon and the Sun, then see how lightning is formed or created turboplamya, and finally ride quadrocopter
WHERE:.. CC “Petrocongress” Lodeynopolskye Street, 5
WHEN: 3-4 May, 11: 00-20: 00
HOW MUCH: 890 rubles