Festival Fotosushka

Festival Fotosushka See the work of the Petersburg photographers, hanging on the clothesline, show off, and, of course, carry your favorite pictures of the townspeople will be able to under the unusual “Fotosushka” festival
19 August SPB
“Fotosushka” The project is as follows..: any visitor can post their work on a general overview on the rope and attach clothespins. Thus is born a large-scale exhibition of photographs. In this image that you like, you can safely remove and take with them, hung in its place its work. By the way, the photo is better sign: leave on the back of the coordinates for the connection name or an unusual message for future owner. The first action that was invented in St. Petersburg, was held in 2010. Who like art exchanges take place across the world.
In addition, on this day at the festival will be performing musical groups “Dunaevsky ORCHESTRA», B-eiger, «Iva Nova”, and will be interesting workshops.
All collected donations at the festival will go to the opening of the “drying-house” – space, which will be the headquarters of the participants, where the city’s photographers will always be able to arrange their own exhibition or meeting
Apple garden loft More Place, Prospect Kim, 6 From 12 to 19 hours