Artillery Museum

Artillery Museum Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps -. One of the largest military museums in the world in
More bastion of the fortress began to collect interesting and rare instruments. Over time, the meeting marked the beginning of the collection of the museum svoremennogo while nosiv name Zeughaus. The date of foundation of the museum is considered to be 1756.
Since 1868, the museum is housed in the former Arsenal, which is now. Until 1965, he was called Artillery historical museum exposition is constantly replenished
and currently it includes weapons of different eras -. From the old Slavic swords and arquebuses to far missile guidance, as well as valuable items related to the military history of Russia External exposure is located in the open area in front of the museum and is a collection of military equipment.
internal exposition is located in 13 halls. Many of the exhibits are the monuments of science, technology and art. Here you can see the old-style Russian artillery XIV-XVI centuries. – Ustyuzhenskaya iron squeaked; bronze implements master Yakov end of the XV century, as well as domestic rifled guns XVI-XVII centuries.