Exhibition: Just Add cat

Exhibition: Just Add cat Exhibition: “Just add cat»
But why, actually no
As you may have guessed, the idea is simple – to find a suitable (and he alone, redhead named by Zarathustra, so this is already an order) cat in? appropriate for this picture and to make an exhibition under the slogan – “Cat picture will not spoil!”
Marasmus was intense, mainstream closer – but, so far as the seriousness of the bid or acceptance thereof, as a new round is clearly not done in the art, and holidays not yet passed – an excellent opportunity to conduct business with pleasure – admire the modern art in a fun atmosphere. And who knows – a new look at the good-old Mona Lisa, but a new angle (with Zarathustra in his arms, for example), at least cheer up, and this is so – not for nothing that the exhibition was created 🙂 And no wonder, because it is not in vain Petersburg is considered the world capital of museums and exhibitions, cultural capital justify their status – and a new approach to a familiar sight is born here. What is most surprising, after some time, you will have a question in mind – “Ah, chtoo …. initially in this picture WAS NOT a cat?” This we about the degree of plausibility of paintings and craftsmanship activities of the author, too organically cat looks
exhibition prepared an ambitious artist Svetlana Petrova, called the event -. FatCatArt. By the way, the first work on the Internet received enormous popularity, which was the impetus for the organization of the exhibition.
Pass is at m. Lenin Square, Sredneokhtinsky pr., 8, from 6 to 13 January (12:00 to 19 : 00)
PS: fans purring – turnout required! 🙂