Exhibition Pop art in St. Petersburg

Exhibition Pop art in St. Petersburg March 6 in the “Art Center in Perini series” will take place opening of the exhibition “Pop art – the art or shocking? ?. The truth of life or craze »
Pop art turned to the images that have flooded the lives of people in the middle of the twentieth century: comics, hamburgers, celebrities, refrigerators, Coca-Cola, cars, political figures, shoes, cigarettes & hellip; -. “In general, all the cool modern things that are so hard to not want to notice the abstract art»
These objects are taken out of the usual context and placed in an artistic environment, and then flooded the space of the exhibition halls, or acquired there an infinite progression of meanings, or bared his brilliance at the absurdity
Now pop art has found a second wind -. reviving interest in its phenomenon. Around the world, teams are organized exhibitions and retrospectives of Liechtenstein, Indiana, Warhol
entrance: 250 rubles. discount – 150 rubles.