Refrigerator exhibition as an art object

Refrigerator exhibition as an art object Art – objects, of course, are different … blue and white there, but to red … refrigerator …
And here is yes! And here is the fridge! More precisely, – refrigerators. Many refrigerators. Different refrigerators. And such and such things here refrigerators.
Why coolers? Because the “boring stuff does not happen, there are boring ideas!” – Formulated the slogan of the sponsors of the exhibition -. “Refrigerator as an art object»
March 26 and 27 in the “Mosaique» Club will host an exhibition of refrigerators, transformed into art objects
first refrigerators were victims of fantasy art by artists from. English city of Bristol. Now, in the wake behind them in the framework of the project «Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler» Russian tattoo artists, graffiti artists and masters of applied art will strongly modify appliances
March 26, anyone can observe the process of creation, and on 27 March complete exhibits. The exposition, which can be a good look directly at the crime scene.
exhibition runs from 12 to 19
Konyushennaya Sq. 2. (second courtyard – right)