Vitaly Raskalov: exhibition of Star Wars

Vitaly Raskalov: exhibition of Star Wars Urban Landscape, concrete jungle – call it what you want, but the charm of the man-made landscape – a powerful aesthetic phenomenon that has long been firmly entrenched in art and popular culture
Urban landscape as an art object -. It is still gaining juice, color and taste artistic direction with interesting prospects, and above all – amazingly inspiring, because everything here – the mood, color, shape, perspective, space, style, handwriting character – the city, the country, the author … in short – everyone will find something in your work artists – urbanists
And what we do? In addition, it is possible to catch the exhibition of famous photographer Vitaly urbanist Raskalova.
Its lens does not just views of St. Petersburg, but also the sights of Moscow, New York, Hong Kong and other cities in the world until the end of January. But the main difference from the standard postcard species – Vitali photographs the city from the height of high-rise buildings
The exhibition will present the best works of Vitaly Raskalova
Loft Project FLOORS
Ligovsky Prospect, 74
daily from 09:00 to 21.. : 00