Vegan Fest in cozy eco-loft MORE PLACE

Vegan Fest in cozy eco-loft MORE PLACE Tomorrow, November 1 – Vegan Fest in cozy eco-loft MORE PLASE
Vegans Petersburg teamed up to conduct a full and festival guests present the most complete picture of the world of contemporary adept plant food
Food Festival, of course. , it will be given the most serious consideration. There’s even convinced “meat eaters” find something to pamper yourself:. From cranberry sweets to hearty burgers and pizza flavored
Skilled chefs promise to throw a few culinary surprises reveal that only ecological food court
guests of the event are also waiting. workshops and seminars, with a market ethical products and various goods, thematic presentations of books and children’s area for the very beginner vegetarians.
Long live freedom is! Vegans all countries – unite
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