Parties express – dating in Rossi’s Club

Parties express That is, the increasingly popular phenomenon: the parties express – dating. What does “Express”? This means that the guests of the event may not be able to communicate as much with 20 vis-a-vis in one night!
Organizer of events, the company Piter-Flirt, holding such a party in St. Petersburg 6 years. More than 100 couples got married, built hundreds of lasting relationship, the company said
Evenings are completely different: goodbye by candlelight, bowling, board games, dancing, “Mafia”, quests, but the challenge is always the same – to create a pleasant environment for guests to explore ! and lots of fun
Upcoming events will take place “Rossi’s” charming club:
November 14 November 15 18:30
November 21 November 22 18:30
organizatra Details at:.: +7 (911) 942-07-24 and +7 (812) 642-64-08
street. Rossi, d. 1/3