Lecture series The art of seeing art

Lecture series The art of seeing art From the “actual” series. Art around us. The little things, the details, and seemingly unremarkable things. The most important thing to see is the art
Almost every day there are new styles, forms and types, and each first iskusstva- proudly states -. It’s art! This is not a banal black square, it is an art! It’s not three stripes of different colors and three cans of filler – this guys art worth 86 million dollars (Mark Rothko, hello!). Of course, everyone has their own vision of art, a sense of aesthetics and imagination. Globalization, technology, the Internet and how to create something with a claim to have produced a huge number of art types and forms of pseudo-art. The most important among such a large number to see real art, not to sigh in admiration over white canvas on which the artist was bleeding nose. Although, sorry. Of course, this is art. After all, the sphere of art is famous for its tolerance. Off scale of tolerance. We can not say – it spilled ink on the cloth, what is it art? It is mauvais ton. We can say – yes, that’s all great, but somehow it’s not mine. But! But. But the findings do need to. and to separate the wheat from the chaff (read between the lines – the art of pseudo-art) – even more so. In fact, everything comes down to one simple thing – that the author wanted to convey what the viewer saw. and that the obtained result. It is not always what I wanted to convey the author coincides with the fact that you saw (felt). And not always the author of a work sees more of a spectator – often domyslivat, it represented and imagined much more than originally implied. ( “.. It is the darkness This longing That hopelessness I feel the approach of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the cold wind …. -. Softly whisper exhibition visitors …” “Um, actually, it’s just a black cloth which the builders forgot to remove, and organizers made for the exhibit and left … Just Black Cloth “-.. terrified murmurs the artist whose work is devoted to the exhibition …) You see, huh? Therefore, we will understand …. Art is the same system. And as in any system there is a common styles and trends – and on them you can learn in a cycle of lectures by Oleg Burian. Oh and who is it? This is an artist – a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, quite authoritative figure in the art world – that is the man to whose advice and lectures are worth considering if you do not want to pass for a layman in the field of art. After all, to understand the art of today – the latest trend in fashion. So what are enlightened;) Series of lectures will take place in space, “Miracle”, which is located at Moshkov lane. July 4 28 20-00