Church of Holy Mother of God (Old Believers)

Church of Holy Mother of God (Old Believers) The temple was built in 1906, consecrated -. In 1908, on the feast of Our Lady of the Icon of the Sign
temple has Pskov, Novgorod features a checkered plaster layer eaves and majolica characterize the style of Art Nouveau. Solid fence around the site is equipped with elements in the form of loopholes, making it similar in appearance to the monastery. Above the entrance to the chief administrations and crosses and icons. On the front of the cross – Eight titlovany on the chief administrations – eight-pointed (bow) – ancient, of great importance for staroobryadchestva.Vnutri interior austere, rigorous. The walls without painting, oak parquet, laid herringbone, huge doors with glass transoms, dark bronze svetilniki.Perednyaya part of the temple is not the altar area, and has a chair (solea), which rises above the rest of the space. The iconostasis consists of three parts and five storeys. The upper rows were written brothers Suslov. The bottom row of icons made transmitted from Molen on Ligovsky street. In the center of the iconostasis is the Savior and temple festivals. In terms of engineering, the temple is a unique object. As it has been provided its own boiler and central heating. There are also vents in the walls, penetrating the walls and accumulates heat, playing the role of the oven, and mechanically open the sinuses inside the main bulbs for airing
In 1930 the community was actively involved in the life of the city:. contained school, nursing home, and later – infirmary
In 1936 the church was closed by the authorities.. Icons and other church plate, with the active assistance of the Chairman of the Paul Nikandrovich Konchaeva community was deposited in the Russian Museum, not plundered and destroyed, as it was with other supplications. Since 2005 the church building goes to its rightful receiver – Neva Pomeranian Old Believer community.