Church of Holy Virgin

Church of Holy Virgin Church of Holy Virgin, one of nemngoih Old Believer communities, which remained in our city.
The law on religious tolerance was built a complex consisting of residential homes, nursing homes, chapels and churches. Surrounded by high walls, it is more like a fortress than a parish; within the same rigor and austerity-no ukraeshnii on the walls, simple wooden floors. Due to the fact that the temple was built relatively recently (in 1908) and technical progress is quite developed in the walls it was encased central heating and had its own boiler room. During the years of Soviet repression, despite the active social support, the church was closed, but the property is not destroyed and taken away for storage in the Russian Museum. After World War II the premises was transferred several times in private companies, while in 2005 it is not passed back to the Old Believers. At the moment, the building is completely restored and functioning.