St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary St. Mary’s Church, another Lutheran parish, created especially for the Finns, who lived in our city.
In 1734 Empress Anna Ivanovna gives even then united community Swedes and Finns of land for the construction of the Grand Stables of the church. The first church was a cruciform shape and wooden, but after the division of the Finns communities began to build a stone church at 2400 places in the classical style. Also, there were several attempts to build a large building or at another location, but all ended in failure due to lack of funds. Charity parish was very broad: it contains an orphanage for girls and boys, a shelter for the poor and the school. With the advent of Soviet power Kirche closed and its building in different periods are a hostel and ” House of Nature ‘. In the early 1990s, with the help of the faithful Finland resumed service, opened a boarding house for the elderly and completely renovated building.