Church of St. Catherine

Church of St. Catherine Church of St. Catherine, one of the symbols of tolerance and multi-our gorooda.
Armenians who were in Peterbruge was not joining, so when their number is risen, in 1725 it was allowed to open a house of worship on Vasilevsky Island, but with the death Empress Anna Ivanovna construction stopped. In 1770, at his own request, Catherine II allocated another plot, and at his own expense built a church community leader in the classical style for two years. In addition to this, Lazarus was given the opportunity to build your own house near the parish, which he later sold to the church for 50 thousand rubles. In the late 1920s, the building was closed and used as warehouses and workshops. In 1992, at the request of Bishop Erzasa temple was returned to believers, basement waterproofing is done, the removal of floor beams and a fully restored interior.