Church of the Savior on Waters

Church of the Savior on Waters Church of the Savior on Waters, is dedicated to the sailors who died in the Battle of Tsushima during the Russian-Japanese war.
It was consecrated in 1910 on the territory of the Novo-Admiralty Plant. The temple was built as a kind of Old Slavonic churches in the 12th century and consisted of two parts-the top (in the name of Gethsemane struggles) and the bottom (in the name of St. Nicholas). When decorating used mosaic icons, gold brocade, on the outer walls are inscribed the names of all the ships and the sailors who died during this battle. But not for long pleased tserko eyes of citizens, in spite of the collected signatures, in 1932 the church was closed and vzvorvan and clerics persecuted. Only in 1990 the restoration of the church began, which hampered its territorial proximity to the shipyards. So now, we limited to the chapel, which was moved from the original puzzle of the temple and the things pogibschih sailors who kept the house in their families.