Central Museum of Communications AS Popov

The museum was founded September 11, 1872 as a telegraph museum
In the years 1884-1919 the institution worked as a postal and telegraph museum, 1924 -. Folk Museum of Communication, 1945 – Central Museum of Communications AS Popov <. br> in 1974, the museum is closed due to avariynoysti building and the need for its overhaul. In 2000, it adopted the program of development of the museum, which includes his discovery to visit in 2003. After the reconstruction of the first phase of the new exhibition is made
Central Museum of Communications AS Popov takes a deserved place of the oldest of the rare post museums in Russia. It brings together the exhibits and materials related to the history of mail and payment of characters, including postcards, letters, envelopes marked, rare archival materials. These things help explore all the way changes in postal and design -. From the historical period of 18-19 centuries before the advent of mail-art, one of the modern trends in art
The museum is a collection of the State signs of postal payment of the Russian Federation, which is a great value Stamp of Russia and the world.