Central City Public Library named after VV Mayakovsky

Central City Public Library named after VV Mayakovsky January 7, 1868 on the Nevsky Prospekt bookstore and library.
proximity of the Imperial Public Library did not prevent the rapid growth of its popularity in the St. Petersburg intelligentsia society were opened. Library deservedly considered the best among private in St. Petersburg. This was achieved thanks to a wide selection of modern books and periodicals, the non-profit nature of the institution, mu progressive direction, as well as the personality of its owner. Alexander Cherkesov was a graduate of the Lyceum, the adherent of Herzen and Ogarev and visible participant turbulent public life of 60-ies of the XIX century. His ability and considerable personal fortune, he gave the library for many years served as a populist movement.
Mayakovsky library name was given in 1953, in connection with the 60th anniversary of the poet.