Teulis Theatre of Shadows: show Shadowlord

Teulis Theatre of Shadows: show Shadowlord Well, it’s not trivial to you view or go to the movies – here you will see a real mastery of illusion, acrobatics, elegance and singularity. No familiar scene, the emptiness from which will be born in an unusual way, bizarre shapes that will change, evolve and grow into something absyulyutnoe unthinkable – bet you in life will not believe that what you have seen can be represented using only the human body, not even the body is its shadow.
video projections, unusual and beautiful music will complement the atmosphere of magic and unreality. By the way – this show has gained world fame around the world, so do not miss
m!. Petrogradskaya, Kamennoostrovsky pr., 42, DK Lensoviet
April 17 beginning at 18:00
800-2500 rubles