mosque Great Mosque, the largest mosque in the European part of Russia, a monument of Islamic religious architecture
mosque was officially opened on 22 February 1913, on the second day of the Romanov Celebrations .Stroitelstvo was dictated by the idea of ​​freedom of belief, characteristic of Tsarist Russia policy: accession to Russia under Alexander III Central Asia at the court sought to respect the interests of the Muslim community. Jami Mosque, with two minarets and mezzanine prayer hall, covered by a cupola. The mosque is made in the stylized forms of Samarkand and Cairo’s architectural schools. Azan with its minarets not chitaetsya.Na the ground floor is a large hall where the men pray on the second floor allotted to women, and there are classes Sunday madrasa on the third floor, where lessons are taught Arabic and Tatar languages, as well as the basics of Islam. Non-Muslims can visit the interior of the mosque, signing up for a tour of “the East face of St. Petersburg” in Gosudrastvennom Museum of the History of Religion (GMIR). At other times, access to non-Muslims, the mosque is closed.