Snow battle on the Field of Mars

Snow battle on the Field of Mars For all those who want to unwind a little – On January 31 the “Snow Battle”
This event has become a kind of tradition in St. Petersburg
The meaning is very simple and it can be described in a few words: The two teams… The wall to wall. Snowballs. Battle. A!? So great is)
We all played as a child in the snow, and even in adulthood zapulnut joke in other snow – well, where without it. Given this passion for gay people to violence, each year the organizers arrange a snow battle in the Campus Martius. The rules are very simple and are described here
In short – the two teams, winning only one. We must cast aside the enemy, showing his endurance, courage, accuracy, ability to take a punch and hardiness, sense of humor, while not forgetting that this is only a game, and do not begin to live to bury opponents or sculpt five-kilo snowballs and throw them in the face with full force .
and so – is not a reason to have fun :)?