The headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society

The headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society The Historical Society building at Pereulok Grivtsova, 10 and often hosts exhibitions and lectures for all visitors.
Russian Geographical Society, founded back in 1845 by Nicholas I, to this day carries out research, expeditions, performing popular science activities, and also organizes exhibitions geographical focus. So his goal since the opening – the study of the native land, people, collection of various statistichskih and other details – remain the same, sometimes acquiring new forms
Branch Society in St. Petersburg is located in a historic building, specially built for this purpose in 1908. year, next to the metro Sennaya Square.
in order visitors to this site will be of considerable interest primarily iz-za often arranged photo-exhibitions, which are usually presented different corners of our country and which relate to various subjects, depending on the photographers and the issues involved.