Garden San-Galli

Garden San-Galli Garden San-Galli, one of the few oases of green in the midst of Ligovsky prospect, but he did not become famous for it.
It was here in the 1920s there was a brutal crime, almost thirty people abused woman, but none of them did not consider it a crime and more surprising was the sentence for them-almost all were sentenced to death. In retaliation, their companions set fire to San Galli plant. It is at this enterprise was invented steam radiator, he provided the city with facilities for water supply and sanitation. Now the plant remains of demolished and in their place built a shopping and entertainment complex. However, France remains the mansion, special attention should be paid to the restored stained glass windows on the theme of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm: ‘Puss in Boots’ ‘,’ ‘Beloszhnezhka’ ‘,’ ‘Sleeping Beauty’.