Christmas medieval feast

Christmas medieval feast Christmas medieval feast
In our city, everything is possible. Even the fascinating journey into the distant Middle Ages. For those who like something unusual, or just people who want variety and tired he is familiar type of Christmas holidays. In early January every Petersburger can feel like a guest in a castle from a rich knight, enjoy lavish treats according to ancient recipes and listen to the music of the XIII century.
Plunge in the days of feasts kurtuaznyh High Middle Ages and for a few hours pass from the modern world in the XIII century will be possible on January 9th. “Christmas Feast” will allow all guests a tour through Europe, the times of knights, giant stone castles and princesses generously rouged.
The main feature of the event will be the atmosphere to which the organizers are very sensitive. Anyone who wants to participate must rent a costume appropriate that era, think about accessories and other components of the inhabitants of medieval Europe.
There will be food, fine drinks and medieval dances and music.
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January 9 1500 – 2000 rubles