Rock hits from The Cello Quartet in Annenkirhe

Rock hits from The Cello Quartet in Annenkirhe Hits from the world treasury of rock in the stunning treatments for Cello Quartet will perform The Cello Quartet on April 23 at 20:00 Annenkirhe
Red Hot Chili Peppers!; Scorpions; Deep Purple; System of a Down; Linkin Park; Bon Jovi; Muse; Nirvana; Coldplay; Metallica; Ac / Dc; Limp Bizkit; Arctic Monkeys; Pink Floyd; Rammstein, Beatles, Queen, and More! – Michael Jackson, the Prodigy, and even Adele Lady Gaga
short, like not only to fans of rock music, and in general all those who appreciate popular music in its finest incarnations
All! participants of the Quartet – the musicians – virtuosos, they are young and passionate about the creative search, so that the guests are waiting for the concert to really show is powerful
Lutheran church Annenkirhe
+7 (960) 231-25-00
street!. Kirochnaya, d. 8