Skate in St. Petersburg

Skate in St. Petersburg Finally, the cold! Weather in St. Petersburg has become unpredictable, so let us enjoy every moment while it lasts!
Now! What are the holidays without skates? Seaside fun, friends, tents photo, and then go somewhere for coffee, pastries and other things!
Great fun, great date, a great family vacation!
Finally, figure skating and ice hockey is more we keep! No Retreat, – forward, where you can ride
And where? But where:
Rink in Central Park named after SM Kirov (Elagin Island, 4)
Rink “rink Disco 3000” (Battery Road d. 8 (the central avenue seaside park))
Rink in “Mega Parnas»
Rink at the Yusupov garden pond, garden str 50-54
Rollers on Fontanka:. near the house number 36 and the house number 144/177
Rink Middle Suzdal lake, Nikolskaya street, 13
skating rink on the river New street.. General Simonyak 14
rinks at ponds Vorontsov square st. Leni Golikova, 20; pr. Strikes, 186
Rink on the football field, Tauride Gardens, Kirochnaya Str., 50
Rink at the stadium “Svetlana”, Svetlanovsky Ave., 3
Rink in SC “Fitness and Health”, Moscow Avenue. , 102/2
Rink at the stadium, “Storm”, etc.. People’s Militia, 24