Piskarevskoe Memorial Cemetery

Piskarevskoe Memorial Cemetery This is one of the largest cemeteries dedicated to the fallen in the siege of Leningrad, over half a million of them here.
It was founded before the war, in 1939 and got its name from the village, which was close by. The total area is more than 26 hectares, and in the center was a six-meter sculpture ” Motherland ” and an eternal flame brought from the Field of Mars. Near the main entrance are two small museums that tell the story of the besieged city, the most famous of which exhibit the diary of Tanya Savicheva, schoolgirl, which describes the gradual loss of their loved ones. To the right of the main monument is alley-memory boards with inscriptions from all regions, cities and just residents of other countries who participated in the defense of Leningrad. Every year on January 27 and May 9 held a ritual of laying wreaths, attended the first person states.