The first flash mob Drum Drum Mob

The first flash mob Drum Drum Mob The first drum flashmob “Drum Mob” will organize on September 4 at 16:00 Shop of musical instruments “Sound Zone”!
At one site, and meet famous drummers of St. Petersburg, and those who are just starting their musical path, or do not even have time to its start, not knowing what pitch
However, if you and were not going to play on anything, even more so, on drums – still come, “will be fun and exciting!” – the organizers say if
! you are lucky enough to own their installation, or in general any percussion – bring and bring E If not, rhythm master will teach how to make any improvised – impact
promises to be: Daniel Svetlov ([AMATORY]), Vladimir Zinoviev (Stigmata) Danil Prokopiev (Markscheider Kunst), Paul Lohnin (KnyaZz) DrumTime drum show and many others! Flashmob Flashmob so !!!
Savushkina ul., D. 98