Performance Nirvanapathy in the Big Puppet Theater

Performance Nirvanapathy in the Big Puppet Theater January 29 in the Grand Puppet Theatre performance “Nirvanapathy”, devoted to the work of Kurt Cobain!
Spectators rock presentation waiting for the amazing transformation of the theater actors, powerful vocals and a storm of emotions.
But first, there was love. Love engineer BTK and just a talented musician, singer and composer Anatoly Gogney creativity Kurt Cobain. Premiere was held in September 2014, after nearly a year of preparation
The creative team consists of actors Workshop Ruslan Kudashova and professional musicians -. friends of the theater. Artists Theatre perform in the most unexpected roles they play guitars, sing Nirvana’s songs in the most unexpected processing, create images of the great rock musicians of the last century on the edge of drama and comedy
This project – about freedom.. On freedom of thoughts, feelings and words. On the freedom to create. Actually, this is the essence of rock music … So, be it rock!
Big Puppet Theater
street. . Nekrasov, d 10
TIME – 20: 00-21: 20