Pavlovsk Palace

Pavlovsk Palace Created by the Pavlovsk Palace Charles Cameron in the 80s of the 18th century. After coming to the throne of Paul I Pavlovsk declared a suburban residence of the Imperial Palace
erected on the bank of the river Slavyanka on a popular type of Italian country villa with its crowning dome, but also the general scheme of the building resembles a Russian country estate:. To the central body adjacent the open colonnade <. br> The main facade of the palace is framed by semicircular arcades and wings surrounding a spacious front yard. In terms of the palace has the shape of a horseshoe. In the center of the front yard in 1872, it was erected a monument to Paul I, which is a replica of the square in front of the palace at Versailles, with the monument of Louis IV.
With a classic and austere appearance of the palace contrasts magnificent interior decoration, for a long time to remember each guest.