Aviators Park

Aviators Park In place of unclaimed after the war Hull airport in 1966, it was decided to lay the park.
In the center of the park is a pond, and the overall layout features a large number of wound stripes. In 1968, on the shore of the pond is a monument to military pilots, which is a concrete base erected on the plane, the MiG-19. The height of the monument – 12 m. Many of St Petersburg is a place remembered for running in a park in 70-80s years of the mobile Czech amusement park “Lunapark»
Most of the park occupied by planting deciduous trees.. However, by Novoizmailovsky prospectus also has lane planted spruces.
After the adoption of the Law “On the green plantations in St. Petersburg,” Aviators Park area included in the list of green spaces and public buildings all projects of the park had lost its force.