Organ concert Gunnar Idenstama at the Mariinsky Theatre

Organ concert Gunnar Idenstama at the Mariinsky Theatre At first glance, organ music – is something necessarily from the depths of time … And that’s not all. And in this case – does not
January 12th in the Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theatre rare evening – concert Gunnar Idenstama
famous Swede – a person who has decided that the body is absolutely avant-garde tools and famous, is proving his writings and concerts!
course Indestam studied sacred music … and then there was a folk-rock, symphonic rock, and it is difficult to determine that. Not finding themselves close to destinations, the musician had to combine existing, creating, in effect, a new genre
Stockholm Academy of Music, studying in Paris, numerous victories at musical competitions -. Indestam became one of the most promising European organists
Kompzitorskie. the work of the musician, a combination of styles and genres earned him the reputation of the original and daring artist concert of organ music.
January 12 19:00
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