Night of horror in Kinoparkinge

Night of horror in Kinoparkinge Night of horror in “Kinoparkinge»
pall watching movies at home or in a conventional theater? You want something new? Then welcome to the Krestovsky Island! After all, this is where you can see something new and ugly. Brand new – because it was on Krestovsky located drive-in theater with the straightforward title “Kinoparking” (but do not worry, it’s not so bad, lack of imagination when choosing a name to be compensated during playback highlights enough about this below) Well, ugly – so after all, Friday February 13, ladies and gentlemen. And the films will be presented to the relevant genre, namely ….
… Classic. Only the classic horror films of today. Ol ‘Freddy Krueger, and even in the company of the legendary Jason – in the film “Freddy vs. Jason.” Classic horror “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil,” Well, for a snack – “Call.” Of the promised “raisins” – free popcorn as a gift for the purchase of tickets, food delivery directly in cars, elektrokalyany, and casually walk between cars will be animators dressed in costumes befitting event – clearly not Little Red Riding Hood. In general, the terrible and unusual is eerily, and, most importantly, dilute the usual concept of “going to the movies” and bring a lot of positive emotions – if the nerves are not acting up, of course
When: February 13, and Friday, from 20-00 <. br> How many: 500 rubles (popcorn and Coca-cola for free)