Night of the anime of Hayao Miyazaki

Night of the anime of Hayao Miyazaki Night anime Hayao Miyazaki 3-4 JANUARY 23: 00-6: 00 in the unique Museum of Soviet slot machines
Stunning fabulous worlds old Miyazaki Ukroyut travelers seeking enlightenment from the hustle and the transitory nature of our world
But Miyazaki is not just an artist! – animator Miyazaki – philosopher, humanist, and he seems as naive as many of his heroes … However, behind this naivete lies the great truth of life – how to live in harmony, how to see the world in all its beauty, how to understand, that is the true good, and how to find the truth … most of his heroes – the children, but they find the answers to great questions, because they are full of faith in a better, full of compassion and understanding … Just what we do not have enough .. .
The program – three legendary bands, which can revise endlessly, and still they continue to fill the heart with joy, eyes – tears, and the heart -.
compassion guests of the Museum of Soviet machine will receive as a bonus three tokens that can use between sessions.
Museum of Soviet slot machines
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