Nicholas Palace

Nicholas Palace In just a few years before his death, Emperor Nicholas I ordered to erect the front residence to his third son -. Nicholas
choice fell on this place largely due to the fact that recently a number of permanent bridge across the Neva Annunciation was built
It was supposed to arrange. competition for residence drawings, which even managed to give NL Benoit, but then the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty has chosen to work Shtakenshnejdera project. Construction of the project were the architects Shtakenshnejdera AP Bryullov, KA Ton and RA Zhelyazevich.
Construction Nicholas Palace was launched May 21, 1853.
Nicholas Palace in the project not only provide accommodation for Nicholas, but the arena, stables, servants’ wing. Nicholas Palace is located in an area of ​​two hectares. Construction was, suspend, during the Crimean War, and then reopened in 1856. The opening ceremony and consecration of Nicholas Palace was held December 1, 1861.
After the owner’s death in 1894 the palace acquired the treasury in order to accommodate the female Institute Xenia Alexandrovna.
After the revolution, Nicholas palace moved to the disposal of the trade unions and has been renamed the “Palace of Labor “. Now the room, including the preserved original finish, leased to commercial structures.